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The Millennium Declaration that we endorsed five years ago, shows that the international community is deeply aware of the need to work for the eradication of absolute poverty and hunger, make primary education accessible to all, enhance gender equality and provide medical coverage.

“ … On our part and in keeping with the international commitments of the Kingdom of Morocco, we have taken the initiative of adopting a Family Law which sanctions equality between man and woman, safeguards children’s rights, puts an end to all forms of injustice towards women, preserves their dignity, and protects the unity and cohesion of the family, while endeavoring for the real integration of women in the development process..”

Excerpt from the Address by His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the High-Level Meeting of the UN General Assembly (New York, September 15, 2005).

In compliance with His Majesty’s guidelines, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity addresses the issue of women’s integration -especially women in rural areas- as a strategic priority.

This is illustrated by a score of additional -often integrated- actions carried out by the Foundation. In this connection, literacy is considered highly instrumental for access to development.