The humanitarian actions carried out by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity are meant to bring about immediate,



The Mohammed V Foundation’s social action aims to improve and strengthen facilities structures which:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s work sphere.

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The Mohammed VI support center for solidarity-based microfinance

An institution for the promotion of micro credit

Ever since its creation, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity made sustainable development the pillar of its strategy. Thus, many activities targeting the integration of underprivileged segments of the population have been carried out.

Micro credit has proven to be an effective tool in fighting poverty and social exclusion.

To enable target populations to have access to small loans, the Foundation decided to support the actors concerned and help them develop their activities, thereby rekindling hope and opening up prospects for dignified life for many beneficiaries.

In accordance with instructions by His Majesty the King, and in collaboration with micro credit actors in Morocco, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity set up a center to support micro credit.

Mission and Objectives:

The center’s activities revolve around three main axes:

  • Providing training to micro credit NGO officers
  • Setting up an information and documentation system
  • Supporting the marketing of micro credit beneficiaries’ products.
Operational training of micro credit NGO officers:

Training is basically aimed at developing and conceptualizing small loan practices as well as passing down the micro credit expertise the Foundation acquired through field experience..

Objectives include:

  • To contribute to management and operational capacity building for the staff working in the micro credit sector;
  • To organize training workshops, seminars and conferences addressing micro-finance issues;
  • To train trainers who will be in charge of training activities at regional and local levels;
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and know-how among national micro credit actors and with international institutions;
  • To conduct studies to determine the sector’s training needs;
  • To set up a resource database of national expertise in the field;
  • To put the center’s facilities at the disposal of micro credit NGOs in order to help them organize their own training activities.
Information and documentation system: the micro-finance observatory


  • To put at the disposal of the center’s users a documentary fund made up of reference books, specialized magazines, international institution’s publications, official documents…
  • To put at the disposal of the center’s users a multimedia room to access audiovisual documents and relevant websites;
  • To set up a monitoring unit to ensure follow-up to the micro finance sector, both domestically and abroad;
  • To prepare catalogues and bibliographies relating to micro-finance;
  • To establish cooperation relations with research and specialized centers across the world;
  • To publish a specialized micro-finance magazine in Morocco;
  • To translate reference books relating to this field;
  • To organize events for the promotion of micro credit.
Supporting marketing efforts:


  • Enable small businessmen to build the capacities needed for better product marketing;
  • Provide beneficiaries with logistical means to help them showcase their products;
  • Develop a virtual forum to introduce beneficiaries’ products;
  • Organize traveling fairs to introduce and market products across Morocco.
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