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The Mohammed V Foundation’s social action aims to improve and strengthen facilities structures which:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s work sphere.

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI Launches 2016 National Solidarity Campaign

His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched, on Monday15th of February in Salé the Center of Integration and Help through Labor in Salé (CIAT), built by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity with a budget of 36.5 million dirhams.
The first of its kind in the Kingdom, this new facility provides an original response to the socio-professional exclusion of young people with disabilities, through putting them in real work conditions and enabling them to gain professional integration and appropriate social autonomy.
Under the Mohammed VI National Center for people with special needs (CNMH), this center will offer, in its first year, training for 41 young men and women, including 14 Down syndrome and 27 mentally retarded people. The center and its outbuildings will host up to 150 young workers.
This center, which is built in partnership between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the Interior Ministry, the Office of Vocational Training and Labor Promotion, Crédit Agricole du Maroc, Banque Centrale Populaire and the Center for Integration and Help through Labor in Salé, will encourage the development of professional identity for the beneficiaries, their financial autonomy, their self-esteem and their knowledge of the other, fundamental bases for an active participation in the social life.