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The humanitarian actions carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity are meant to offer immediate assistance, limited in time, to people in difficult situations following natural disasters, including through emergency interventions after an earthquake or flood, as well as food supply operations during the holy month of Ramadan.


The Foundation also regularly provides needy people with food products, clothes, and other supplies.


In 2007, the Foundation introduced an innovative approach in the area of humanitarian action. It was launched on the occasion of “the 2007 TOUNFITE humanitarian operation”, which was a new initiative that highlighted the Foundation’s long, rich experience in humanitarian and development action.


The operation, which was unprecedented in scope in Morocco, involved a vast array of actions relating to schooling, food, health care and sustainable development. Its total cost was MAD23 million and it benefited some 24,000 people in the Tounfite region.


 Similar operations were subsequently scheduled to benefit other regions, namely in the Imilchil area.

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