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Inauguration of a new Addictology Centre in Tangiers

07 June 2018

HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated, a new addictology centre, the second of its kind carried out by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity in the city.
The centre, worth 5 million Dirhams, reflects the High royal care for young people and the determination of the Sovereign to protect them from any deviancy or social hazard.
The centre, whose construction works were launched in September 2015, is part of the national program to combat addictive behavior, implemented since 2010 in accordance with the High Royal instructions by the Foundation in partnership with the ministries of Health and the Interior.
This national program is aimed at protecting young people from the use of psychoactive substances, improving the quality of care for addicts, particularly drug users, and encouraging the involvement of civil society and social departments in addiction issues.

Like those carried out by the Foundation in Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Nador, Marrakech, Tetouan, Tangier, Fez and Agadir, the center will conduct awareness and prevention actions against drug use, provide medical and social care for people suffering from addictive behavior, and promote the effective involvement of families in prevention actions.
It is also meant to promote the social reintegration of the people concerned, as well as the supervision and training of associations in the field of risk reduction, notably through the implementation and support on the ground of young drug users and those at risk of addiction.
Hay El Jadid's addictology centre, built over 1,000 m2, includes a social support and risk reduction center housing a convivial space, rooms for physical and artistic expression, a sports hall and an office for associations.
A privileged tool for care, awareness, diagnosis, prevention and psycho-social support, this facility also includes a medical center that comprises treatment and consulting rooms, as well as a space for group psychotherapy, rooms for methadone users, a nursing station and a drugstore.
This center is the result of a partnership between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the ministries of Health and the Interior. It will be managed by the National Association for Drug Risk Reduction (Tangier's section).