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Inauguration in Sidi Moumen District Community Medical Center - Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity

His Majesty King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Monday 20 mai at Sidi Moumen district (prefecture of Sidi Bernoussi districts), a community medical center - Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, worth 60 million dirhams.

The solidarity-based project, whose construction works were launched by the monarch on Oct. 11, 2016, shows HM the King's commitment to improve medical services for citizens, ameliorate health care for the underprivileged and ensure comprehensive, sustainable and integrated human development. It is in line with the sovereign's efforts to enhance access of disadvantaged groups to community and quality basic health care and ensure regular and periodic medical monitoring for patients in need of specialized consultations.
Open 24/7, the new center, the second of its kind nationwide, will help speed up medical emergency operations and relieve the pressure on the prefecture's hospital and the existing level 1and 2 health centers, and spare patients life-threatening long travels. An intermediary facility between the basic health care establishments network (level 1 and 2) and the hospital network, the center will provide services for nearly 500,000 inhabitants to ensure complementarity in the region.
The new center includes a department for community-based medical emergencies, with emergency physicians on duty in the crash, examination, care, observation and plaster rooms. It also comprises a unit for primary health care (consultation, care, vaccination and maternal and child health / family planning rooms), a department for external specialized consultations (cardiology, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, gynecology), an orthopedic rehabilitation unit and a medical-technical department with an operating room (two surgery rooms and an observation ward).
The center also houses a mother-child health department with a delivery technical unit (4 rooms), as well as rooms for examination, ultrasound and newborn care. The center, which has the latest generation equipment, also houses a dental care unit, a medical imaging unit (radiology, mammography, ultrasound, dental panoramic X-ray), a medical analysis laboratory, a sterilization unit and another for hospitalization (6 double rooms), a pharmacy, an outreach room and a morgue.
The new facility has a hospital ambulance. It also has medical and paramedical staff made up of 21 general practitioners, emergency doctors and specialists, 38 nurses, as well as administrative and technical personnel.