The humanitarian actions carried out by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity are meant to bring about immediate,



The Mohammed V Foundation’s social action aims to improve and strengthen facilities structures which:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s work sphere.



Partnership: A Role of Intermediation in the Chain of Solidarity

Apart from the relevance of fostering interactive linkages with the other “actors”, it is necessary for the Foundation’s work to resort to partnership. The “subcontracting approach” requires the involvement of several players, the mobilization of different types of expertise and the reinforcement of local intermediaries likely to ensure the sustainability of projects advocated by citizens or local community leaders.

Switching status from project manager to the of-contracting authority lends to relations between partners a

special significance based on trust, while it assigns the Foundation a three-fold mission:

  • Conferring a collective dimension to its work, in terms of experience sharing, project evaluation capacity and troubleshooting activities;
  • Supporting the party which acts as a relay, at management level, optimizing the means available and, where necessary, upgrading material and human resources;
  • Ensuring evaluation and follow up for projects managed by the partner.

The intermediation role played by the Foundation covers also its major donors for whom the materialization of the project in which they participated financially, constitutes a return on investment and potential benefits in terms of image.