The humanitarian actions carried out by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity are meant to bring about immediate,



The Mohammed V Foundation’s social action aims to improve and strengthen facilities structures which:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s work sphere.

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Board of Directors of Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is presided over by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. It is managed by a Board of Directors made up of the following members:

  • Mrs. Zoulikha NASRI

  • Mrs. Fatima HASSAR

  • Mrs. Hakima HIMMICH

  • Mrs. Saida LAMRANI KARIM

  • Mrs. Fouzia MSEFFER ALAOUI

  • Mr. Mustapha BAKKOURY

  • Mr. Mohammed ROCHDI CHRAIBI

  • Mr. Othman BENJELLOUN

  • Mr. Azzeddine BENMOUSSA

  • Mr. Abdelhak BENNANI

  • Mr. Mouatassim BELGHAZI

  • Mr. Mohamed Hassan BENSALEH

  • Mr. Mohamed EL AZAMI

  • Mr. Abderrafii ZOUITEN

  • Mr. Saïd IBRAHIMI

  • Mr. Mohamed BENCHAABOUN

  • Mr. Tarik SIJILMASSI

  • Mr. Mostafa TERRAB

  • Mr. Abdeslam AHIZOUNE

  • Mr. Saad KETTANI

  • Mr. Mohammed KETTANI

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has a staff placed at its disposal by its board of directors and its partners.

The team includes project managers who have the competence and qualifications required to devise and implement support activities for beneficiaries as well as follow-up to partners.

It also has administrative officers and executives in charge of human resources, communication, public accounting, management system as well as social work.

The unit operates under the permanent supervision of a member of the board of directors.


  • The Foundation’s staff is made up of:
  • Projects

    1 manager

    7 officers

  • Humanitarian assistance

    1 manager

    1 officers

  • Administration and finance

    1 manager

    4 officers

  • Communication and institutional development

    1 manager

    2 officers

  • Training:

    1 manager

    4 officers

  • Computer service

    1 officers

  • Social workers:


  • Administrative Staff:




Management and control procedures:


      The Foundation’s procedures:

  • Expenditure commitment procedures
  • Competition among suppliers and service providers
  • Separating expenditure authorization from actual disbursement
  • Double signature payment system
  • Specific fundraising procedures
  • Partnership with the Ministry of Equipment to implement construction works and ensure follow-up thereto
  • Organization and management of the Foundation’s warehouse (reception, stocking and distribution of in-kind donations)
  • Setting up hotline systems for major operations like the homecoming of Moroccans living abroad and the Ramadan and fundraising campaigns)
  • Setting up local and provincial committees for Ramadan operations
  • Notary follow-up to the Foundation’s property and related operations


      The Foundation’s Control:

      Constant, regular internal and external control:

  • A specific accounting plan
  • Internal control of all operations by the audit company and the partners:
    • Compliance with procedures and availability of funds
  • Daily cash follow-up
  • Monthly follow-up to operating expenditure
  • Publication of 3 external audit reports per annum:
    • Fundraising and donations in kind
    • Ramadan operation
    • Annual financial statements