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Diversified Programs

In the first Address to the Nation by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, delivered on July 30, 1999, on the occasion of Throne Day celebrations, His Majesty the King stressed that close attention was being paid to the problems of poverty faced by some segments of the population and that efforts will be made to mitigate their impact.

His Majesty pointed out that his late father, peace be upon his soul, had honored him by accepting his proposal to create an institution which he named «The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity» to support the poor, the needy and people with special needs.

Since then, His Majesty pledged to promote the role of this institution and to give it his active support. Ever since its creation, and in accordance with instructions by His Majesty the King, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has sought to contribute to fighting poverty and social exclusion.

The Foundation’s action takes into consideration facts on the ground, with special focus on the needs of target populations.

Over the years, the Foundation diversified its interventions to meet the needs of different beneficiaries.

It started with a major initiative involving hundreds of reception centers which were upgraded in terms of both physical facilities and equipment. Then the Foundation gradually widened its scope of action to deal with youngsters, women, people with special needs, Moroccans living abroad and people in difficult situations, who were either suffering from exclusion and social precariousness or needed humanitarian assistance.

The Foundation therefore developed specific programs to enhance prospects for beneficiaries to enjoy better social and professional integration.

Thus, schooling, education, literacy and vocational training programs have been carried out to enable beneficiaries to access social and professional life.

Economic integration has also been one of the Foundation’s objectives, which is sought to achieve particularly through the development of income-generating projects and mechanisms to access micro credit.