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Access to basic services and to income-generating projects

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s agenda.

Besides social work and humanitarian action, sustainable development projects make it possible for the Foundation to be close to citizens’ needs by using a systemic approach.

Projects are meant to provide beneficiaries with the means to be part of the country’s global development fabric. Projects concern basic infrastructure, such as water and electricity supply as well as road construction which is designed to improve access to certain areas.

These are income-generating projects meant to provide training, particularly for youth and women in rural areas, in order to give them a chance to become fully independent economically and to boost the creation of local wealth.

Various solutions are considered, given that each need requires a specifically tailored project. Indeed, the problems faced are multidimensional: they involve the family, society, the economy, the environment as well as other concrete problems relating to transportation, existing infrastructure, existing and potential staff needs and local cooperation mechanisms.

Beneficiaries are thus provided with means and mechanisms that help them achieve their ambitions, obtain special or professional training, if need be, or benefit from technical supervision to assess project feasibility, control design and facilitate marketing.

As mentioned above, support is of a collective nature; the aim is to build on associative work that involves many players from NGOs and cooperatives. Other actors are mobilized to ensure projects are successful, thanks to these actors’ technical and material support.

This is not charity work. These are real solidarity-based projects that reinforce the dignity of beneficiaries and foster the culture of sharing and hard work on which Moroccans pride themselves.

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