The humanitarian actions carried out by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity are meant to bring about immediate,



The Mohammed V Foundation’s social action aims to improve and strengthen facilities structures which:


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important tenets of the Foundation’s work sphere.

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According to its Statute, the Foundation’s fundamental objective is to fight all forms of poverty and social marginalization, as well as to use all possible means, particularly through actions of solidarity, in its endeavor to help needy or socially vulnerable people.

To do so:

  • The Foundation shall undertake any action deemed likely to uphold the values of solidarity, in compliance with His Majesty’s instructions and with the social, cultural and religious basic principles guiding the Moroccan society.
  • The Foundation shall set up programs to assist and support families in need, as well as NGOs or institutions serving the same goals.
  • The Foundation shall contribute to any action carried out by public authorities for the same purposes.
  • The Foundation shall supervise and foster capacity enhancement courses for social institutions and shall support any public or private action serving the same goals.

Thus, and as stipulated in its Statute, The Foundation has, from the start, opted for acting as a lever and as a reminder for society that solidarity is an imperative duty. In addition, the Foundation has chosen to act as a boosting instrument for the development of social work and the harmonisation and integration of relevant activities carried out by other actors, public and private alike, and, more importantly, the NGOs movement.

Thus, the Foundation is a link between donors and beneficiaries, between the needs and the projects, between institutional actors and the civil society.