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25 November 2021

The foundation organizes a major medical surgical campaign in the province of Taounate

FM5 - La Fondation organise une importante campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Taounate FM5 - La Fondation organise une importante campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Taounate

The Foundation is resuming its programs for local medical services to bring medical care closer to remote populations and to alleviate the difficulties of access to health services accentuated by the pandemic. Between November 25th and 27th, the Foundation organizes a large-scale medical initiative that combines multidisciplinary care and surgical procedures in the Province of Taounate.

The medical operation will be carried out simultaneously in the Provincial Hospital Center (CHP) of Taounate and in the municipality of Tahar Souk (48 km from Taounate). The project will benefit disadvantaged populations from Taounate and Tahar souk as well as the needy inhabitants of the neighboring rural communes of Tameddite, Beni Ounjel and Fennassa-Bab El Haît.

This solidarity initiative will provide medical services at the Taounate CHP to 160 patients, 60 gastrointestinal surgeries and 100 cataract surgeries. In addition, it will provide a wide range of consultations and care in oral health, general and specialized medicine such as paediatrics, rheumatology, pulmonary, ENT, ophthalmology, cardiology, gastrointestinal, gynaecology and neurology in the Tahar Souk. The medical offer includes also radiology and medical testing, screening and equipment for people with physical disabilities, delivery of drugs and medical devices. People in the region will also benefit from awareness-raising sessions related to good hygiene and health practices, specifically targeted to young schoolchildren.

To ensure the success of this campaign, the Foundation will deploy significant human and logistical resources such as the provision of operating theatres and examination rooms at the Taounate CHP, operation 8 of the Foundation’s medical mobile units, 2 mobile operating theatres and 4 ambulances for emergency evacuations.
The initiative will mobilize a medical team of more than 100 doctors (52 specialist doctors, 14 general practitioners, 4 dental doctors and 30 nurses, technicians and medical assistants), in addition to volunteer nurses from Fez.

This medical campaign is made possible with the support and partnership of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Regional Directorate of Health of Fez, the Health Delegation of Taounate, Local Authorities, the Mohammed VI National Center for the Handicapped of Salé as well as the 5 medical associations approved by the Foundation : AMPS - Moroccan Association for the Protection of Health, AMMS - Moroccan Medical Association for Solidarity, ANFAS - Moroccan Association for Aid to Patients with Chronic Respiratory Pathology, APSMIRS - Provincial Association for the Support of Patients with Renal Insufficiency and Health and AMD - El Amal Association for Diabetics in Morocco.