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23 February 2022

On High Royal Instructions, the Foundation is commissioning 11 new centers in six cities across the Kingdom

Sur Hautes Instructions Royales, la Fondation met en service 11 nouveaux centres dans différentes villes du Royaume Sur Hautes Instructions Royales, la Fondation met en service 11 nouveaux centres dans différentes villes du Royaume

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, gave his High Instructions for centers created by the Foundation in the fields of medical and social care as well as training be made available to disadvantaged populations.

This High Directive, initiated under the High Benevolence of the Sovereign will contribute to strengthen public health services and reduce the socio-economic impact of the pandemic on populations living in vulnerable situations.

Eleven new centers in 6 cities in the Kingdom where construction and equipment work was for the most part completed in 2021 will begin activities immediately. These centers fall within a set of programs intended expand access for disadvantaged populations to local healthcare, to expand access the management of specific needs, to expand young people's access to professional qualifications and to support women's empowerment.

These include large-scale projects and medical and social structures that fall under two important programs of the Foundation in the fields of health and disability: the Community Medical Centers –Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity (CMP) and the network of the Mohammed VI National Center for the Disabled (CNMH). Two new CMPs will open their doors in Bni Makada in Tangier (66 million dirhams) and in the New Town of Errhama (73 million dirhams). They are among 12 units planned (including 2 operational in Rabat and Casablanca since 2019). CNMH also confirmed that two new regional centers in Tangier (66 million dirhams) and Agadir (25 million dirhams) will start their programs. This will result in 8 operational CNMHs across the Kingdom. In addition, the Center for Chronic Diseases specializing in the treatment of diabetes (5 million dirhams) will consolidate their services in this area of Fez.

In addition to these centers, the Second Chance School of Ben M'sik (14 million dirhams) will support young people aged 12 to 20, without diplomas and without jobs, to regain their footing and launch their entry into professional activities.

In regard to the other projects, three Training and Capacity Building Centers for Young People and Women in Fahs Anjra (17.5 million dirhams), the Proximity Center for Women and Children in Mers El Kheir (6 million dirhams) located in the Prefecture of Skhirat – Temara and the Pedagogical Center for Hearing Rehabilitation in Tangier (16 million dirhams) will also be supported under this initiative.