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23 December 2021

Organisation of a major medical-surgical campaign in the Province of Figuig

Organisation d’une importante campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Figuig Organisation d’une importante campagne médico-chirurgicale dans la province de Figuig

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity closes out its 2021 program of local medical campaigns by organizing a major medical-surgical initiative in the Province of Figuig from December 23 to 25.
This follows two medical caravans carried out in November in the provinces of Taza and Taounate which saw more than 6,700 disadvantaged people receive specialized care and surgery.

This new campaign is deployed simultaneously in the Hassan II Hospital Center in Bouarfa as well as the locality of Talssint and aims to bring basic medical services to the local population and improve health coverage at provincial level. Its implementation is supported by partnerships with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Regional Directorate of Health of Oujda, the CHU of Oujda, the Provincial Delegation of Figuig, Local Authorities, the National Handicap Center Mohammed VI of Salé as well as the Medical Association, Action Urgence.

The campaign will focus on surgical operations (gastro-intestinal surgery, ear, nose and throat and cataract surgeries) which will benefit 210 people at the provincial hospital of Bouarfa. Multidisciplinary care will be made available to the communities of Talssint as well as those from the neighboring municipalities of Bni Tadjit, Boumerième and Bouchaouen.
In addition, the local population will benefit from general consultations and specialized medical services which will cover internal medicine, maternal and child health, dentistry, rheumatology, cardiology, dermatology and ophthalmology. The consultations will screen people suffering from cataracts and / or urgent cases which will be taken care of by the teams operating at the Bouarfa hospital.

This strategic project will deploy significant human and technological resources in order to provide necessary care and meet local demand under the best possible conditions. In addition to the Foundation's teams and paramedics, a staff of more than 100 general practitioners and specialists from Oujda CHU, the provincial delegation of Bouarfa and partner Medical Association Action Urgence will participate in this solidarity operation.