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15 September 2021

Wednesday, September 15: End of the Operation Marhaba 2021

FM5 - L’Opération Marhaba 2021 a pris fin ce mercredi 15 septembre FM5 - L’Opération Marhaba 2021 a pris fin ce mercredi 15 septembre

After 3 months of activity between June 15 and September 15, the 2021 edition of the Marhaba operation for Moroccans ends.

In order to facilitate the return of our fellow Moroccans, the operation has known this year exceptional measures instructed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist him. It is then in globally fluid and satisfactory conditions that the said return took place.

As of September 15, 1,548,939 Moroccans residing abroad have returned to the motherland. For the first time in 21 years, they have preferred to travel by air, which accounted for nearly 92% of total arrivals.

The families and members of the community were welcomed and assisted through the 15 Marhaba sites set up by the Foundation, in compliance with health security instructions. 252,130 people were directly assisted by the Foundation's teams (more than 1,000 social workers, doctors, nurses, Foundation executives and temporary workers) as well as by the stakeholders of the operation. Specifically, 136,344 people were accompanied for customs cases, 4,240 were assisted for transportation cases and 7,775 were taken care of for cases of medical care and/or emergencies. In addition, cases that tested positive for Covid-19 were promptly managed by the Public Health Department, immediately upon arrival in Morocco.

For more details, see the Marhaba 2021 Infographic here.

The Foundation would like to thank all the stakeholders and teams on the ground who have mobilized for the smooth running of this 21st edition of the Marhaba Operation.