National solidarity campaign

An annual country-wide generosity drive

In His desire to associate Moroccans in an annual show of solidarity, His Majesty King Mohammed VI stressed the importance of public participation. The National Solidarity Campaign was thus created as an event with great interest to the general public.

Citizen mobilization in favor of the most disadvantaged

Conducted annually, this Campaign raises funds for the Foundation's projects and programs. It is also an opportunity for all Moroccans (citizens, private and public institutions, civil society actors) to demonstrate their commitment to the values of sharing and mutual aid. By contributing their time, resources or personal commitment, they consolidate the national chain of solidarity. Initiated in 1998, the National Solidarity Campaign is a highly symbolic opportunity to come together in solidarity for all Moroccans.


Billion Dirhams

Total commitments as of december 31, 2022

National Fund-raising campaign to secure the sustainability of social projects

Citizen contributions are the source of funding for the Foundation's action programs. The resources collected during the Campaign are allocated to social projects to be carried out or under way. These resources are used to:

  • Develop and equip the various socio-educational centers and medical facilities
  • Implement economic integration programs
  • Organize humanitarian and medical operations
  • Support national civil society organizations.

Every year, thousands of Moroccans are assisted, mentored and supported thanks to the donations received.

Collection history

  • 96,5 million dirhams
  • 455,6 million dirhams
  • 217,9 million dirhams
  • 197,3 million dirhams
  • 215,2 million dirhams
  • 169,3 million dirhams
  • 271,1 million dirhams
  • 259,8 million dirhams
  • 292,3 million dirhams
  • 352,5 million dirhams
  • 244,9 million dirhams
  • 267,5 million dirhams
  • 240,1 million dirhams
  • 269,3 million dirhams
  • 282,4 million dirhams
  • 415,9 million dirhams
  • 125,8 million dirhams
  • 454,2 million dirhams
  • 284,9 million dirhams
  • 422,8 million dirhams
  • 425,9 million dirhams
  • 559,3 million dirhams
  • 402,6 million dirhams
  • 504 million dirhams