Humanitarian work

Supporting populations in distress and providing humanitarian assistance

True to its humanist values, the Foundation is recognized for its ability to respond to emergency situations and those requiring humanitarian assistance. By relying on civic commitment and pooling collective efforts, it mobilizes to provide relief to men and women in need.

Solidarity in action

The Foundation's humanitarian work consists of direct assistance and support actions. The latter are conducted in response to urgent needs - in Morocco or internationally - out of a determination to bolster social cohesion. The Foundation provides assistance through community outreach and medical-social assistance for disadvantaged or disaster-stricken populations. It provides relief and shelter and establishes sanitary cordons.

The Foundation addresses urgent needs through the distribution of food, clothing and other items. This work is carried out in collaboration with public bodies, local authorities and associations to efficiently cover afflicted towns and villages. This was the case during the natural disasters experienced by Morocco: the Al Hoceima earthquake in 2004, the floods in the cities of Settat and Mohammedia in 2002 and those in the Khenifra region in 2007.

The Foundation also carries out humanitarian missions abroad in the aftermath of major events or natural disasters. In coordination with the ministerial departments responsible for international cooperation and health, it organizes humanitarian support to disaster-affected or crisis-affected populations. By way of example, the Foundation intervened in Algeria following heavy floods in 2002 and provided aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan in 2012. It also regularly provides humanitarian support to the Palestinian people.

Our purpose is, first and foremost, to anchor solidarity as a form of behavior and as a culture.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI - November 2001

Mohammed V fondation, humanitarian work
Mohammed V fondation, humanitarian work

Initially focused on one-off interventions, the Foundation's efforts have expanded to large-scale, open-ended operations. The Marhaba operation, which welcomes Moroccans living abroad, food assistance during the month of Ramadan and support for isolated populations during the winter are all operations that run on an annual basis.

It is possible to implement these operations thanks to solidarity and to the unfailing mobilization of all actors involved. Above all, these operations illustrate the special attention His Majesty King Mohammed VI pays to the well-being of people in precarious situations and Moroccans living abroad.


Mohammed V Foundation, extreme cold operation

Extreme Cold Operation

Mohammed V Foundation, Ramadan food distribution operation

Ramadan food distribution operation

Mohammed V Foundation, community medical campaigns

Community medical campaigns

Mohammed V foundation, Marhaba operation

Marhaba operation

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