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22 March 2024

Cataract surgery campaign in benefit of Al Haouz and Chichaoua douars populations

Campagne de chirurgie de la cataracte dédiée aux populations des provinces d’Al Haouz et Chichaoua Campagne de chirurgie de la cataracte dédiée aux populations des provinces d’Al Haouz et Chichaoua

The Foundation  continues its surgical campaigns backed by the UMMC – FMVS Program in Al Haouz and Chichaoua provinces.

As part of its medical-humanitarian activities deployed during the month of Ramadan, the Foundation is organizing a major cataract surgery campaign for populations from the disaster-stricken douars of Al Haouz and Chichaoua provinces, from March 22 to 30.

This solidarity initiative, carried out in partnership with local authorities, the Regional Directorate of Health and Social Protection and the AMMS (Moroccan Medical Solidarity Association), is intended for the surgical treatment of cases of cataracts detected in the UMMC – FMVS operating in Al Haouz and Chichaoua provinces. It will benefit a total of three hundred (300) patients from the douars of Chichaoua and Amizmiz, areas severely affected by the Al Haouz earthquake.

The campaign, which runs from March 22 to 30, is implemented in two stages lasting three days. Each stage includes surgical operations and post-operative control. The first phase starts between March 22 and 24 in the center of Amizmiz on the UMMC – FMVS site. 150 surgical treatments are scheduled. Similarly, the second phase will be deployed between March 28 and 30 at the UMMC – FMVS site in the Mzouda douar, located 48 kilometers from Chichaoua.

In addition to the technical resources of the UMMC – FMVS, significant resources are mobilized for the smooth running of the campaign as well as the implementation of optimal conditions for welcoming and caring for the people. Specific spaces near the UMMC – FMVS for quality preoperative preparation and safety (ECG and measurement of constants) are taken into account.
Four mobile units, including two ophthalmology 4 operating theaters have been provided by the AMMS association which is deployed in the field.
A team of 34 people made up of executives, social workers and technicians from the Foundation as well as 10 surgeons and paramedical staff from the association are taking part in this campaign.

As a reminder, the programming of surgical campaigns backed by the UMMC – FMVS program is to facilitate access for rural populations to specialized surgical services. These campaigns complement the offer of general medicine and tele-expertise care provided by the UMMC – FMVS. At the beginning of March, the first campaign carried out under this program in the provinces of Sefrou and Boulemane made it possible to treat 130 patients from the localities of Tachot Amlal, Ait Khabach, Tassa and neighboring douars.