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13 March 2024

Launch of the 25th edition of ramadan food support operation

Lancement de la 25ème édition de l’opération de soutien alimentaire Ramadan Lancement de la 25ème édition de l’opération de soutien alimentaire Ramadan

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God Assist Him, Launched the 1445 Ramadan Food Support Operation

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, launched the distribution of Ramadan food aid at the Lfqih Mohammed Ghazi school, located in the Amal 4 Idafi, Yaacoub Al Mansour district in Rabat. On this occasion, 166 needy families including people living in vulnerable situations such as widows, elderly people and people with disabilities benefited from food support.

This solidarity event, in its 25th edition this year, is a highlight of the sacred month which reflects the concern of the Sovereign and his constant goodwill towards deprived populations. The operation has grown in scale in recent years, reaching 1,000,000 beneficiary households in 2023 (473,900 in 2017 and 600,000 in 2020). At the same time, the products included in this food aid have been enriched in both composition and volume in order to best meet the needs linked to the Ramadan period. For this edition, the basket is made up of nine essential products: 10 kg of flour, 6 liters of UHT milk, 5 kg of rice, 5 liters of oil, 4 kg of sugar, 1.7 kg of tomato paste, 1 kg of vermicelli, 1 kg of lentils and 850 gr of tea. 

Organized by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the operation calls for large-scale logistics which are deployed at the national level. This covers the management of the supply of foodstuffs, the control of products, transportation at the local level, their storage and the distribution of aid as close as possible to the populations. More than 5,000 people are involved in the implementation of the different stages of the operation.

Furthermore, 34,550 tonnes of products are provided and managed for the making of the million baskets, of which 737,757 are dedicated to the rural world. All baskets are transported to 1,304 distribution points, of which 1,044 are located in rural areas. 

Distribution is carried out with the participation of National Mutual Assistance, the General Directorate of Social Services of the FAR, the caïdats and local authorities, the latter also being in charge of identifying vulnerable people and representatives of beneficiary families. The coordination of the distribution of Ramadan food aid is done within the framework of two committees, one local and the other provincial, which monitor the monitoring of the situation on the ground, the supply of distribution centers, product control and direct delivery of foodstuffs.

For this 25th edition, a total budget of 347 million dirhams was committed for the purchase of products, packaging and delivery to distribution points. The financing is ensured with the assistance of the partners of the operation: the Ministry of the Interior (General Directorate of Local Authorities) and the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs.