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29 September 2023

Launch of an application to manage humanitarian aid projects

Lancement de la plateforme ‘’INQAD’’ Lancement de la plateforme ‘’INQAD’’

Today, the Foundation is launching the “INQAD” platform, a digital solution for managing humanitarian aid which will enable more precise targeting of assistance on the ground and strengthen collaboration between the different stakeholders in the field.  


The application was developed based on feedback from the first phase of emergency intervention, shared by the stakeholders such as local authorities, those responsible for logistics linked to humanitarian aid and the Foundation teams operating directly with the affected populations as well as those in need.  

The result is an interface which maps the douars hard-hit by the earthquake. This map identifies the needs and centralizes data related to the assistance required (humanitarian aid, medical intervention, logistical support, etc.) as directly expressed by the affected populations within 24 hours of input. These needs are inputted by a local correspondent reporting to the Ministry of the Interior, validated by a line manager and transmitted to the Foundation teams for direct support to household beneficiaries. The intervention process is facilitated by a map layout and guided by historical actions taken by the Foundation (coverage, nature and consistency of aid) in the targeted douar. This allows The Foundation to continue its commitment to the principle of providing assistance adapted to the needs of the individual communities.  


This tool was designed with the assistance of INWI, Maroc Telecom, the National Agency for Land Conservation, Cadastre and Cartography, INETUM, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and local authorities.  


It was activated for initial operation in the province of Al Haouz, the area most impacted by the earthquake and which has 12 caidats covering 1,116 hard-hit douars, before being generalized to the two other provinces of Chichaoua and Taroudant.