Ramadan food distribution operation

Solidarity towards the neediest during Ramadan

Operation Ramadan is one of the most significant solidarity initiatives undertaken by the Foundation since its creation. It offers comfort to more vulnerable segments of society on the occasion of the holy month of fasting, a month of sharing and generosity.

Fostering the values of solidarity and mutual aid

Each year, the month of Ramadan is a high point for the Foundation. It mobilizes to provide large-scale food aid to vulnerable populations at a time when their needs for food are more acute. The Ramadan food aid operation is thus designed to meet the needs of, and reduce the financial burden on, poor families.

The operation is initiated so that the most vulnerable, especially widows, elderly people without families and people with disabilities, can face Ramadan month with a minimum of food issues. Launched in 1998 under the title ''Ramadan Solidarity'', the operation used to consist in the distribution of two types of food aid: 44,500 hot meals offered daily at the time of iftar (breaking the fast) and food baskets distributed to 406,400 poor households living in rural areas.

Since then, the Foundation has concentrated its efforts on the distribution of baskets in rural areas and has extended the coverage of beneficiary populations. This initiative has generated a collective charitable momentum. Similar actions have mushroomed throughout Morocco at the neighborhood level and in support of charitable institutions. Mutual aid is organized (community ftours, distribution of food baskets and clothes, cultural entertainment...) and consolidates social ties.

Volunteers, private donors and charities are committed to supporting the homeless, the poor and the families of sick children in hospitals on a daily basis.

The food basket is composed of 10 kg of flour, 4 kg of sugar, 5 kg Rice, 1 kg of lentils, 1 kg of vermicelli, 1.7 kg of tomato paste, 250 gr of tea, 6 litres of UHT milk and 5 litres of oil


34.550 tonnes of food staples in total

Mohammed V Foundation, Ramadan food distribution operation

Acting collectively for the well-being of the largest number of people

The implementation of the Ramadan operation requires significant human, financial and logistical resources. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs contribute to its financing. As for the National Mutual Aid, it is involved in the distribution process which is deployed nationwide at more than 1600 points (distribution centers).

More than 5000 people are mobilized to ensure smooth running on the ground. Two committees, composed of partner representatives at the provincial and local levels, monitor the delivery of food to distribution centers and the identification of beneficiaries. Similarly, the operation is subject to rigorous management and food safety controls.

Implementation of this initiative is strictly monitored. The National Food Safety Authority (ONSSA) carries out product quality control. The accounts of the operation are audited by the Professional Association of Banks, the General Treasury of the Kingdom and Poste Maroc