Community medical campaigns

Contributing to bringing health services to the population

The community medical campaign program reflects the Foundation's commitment to supporting public policy on access to healthcare. Initiated in 2003, this program aims to enhance access to care and improve medical services for disadvantaged populations.

Facilitating access to medical care for the underprivileged

Geographical remoteness, lack of infrastructure, high cost of care, traditional medicine: the difficulties and disparities accessing health care are striking in Morocco. Although there are significant public efforts to reduce inequality, rural and mountainous areas, remote communities and peri-urban areas suffer from lack access to basic health care.

In an effort to help, the Foundation has been active in favor of impoverished populations who do not have access to health services because of distance or lack of social coverage. The approach adopted has been focused on bringing medical services closer to these populations, by providing free primary care to as many people as possible. To this end, the Foundation has deployed logistical and human resources to meet mobile assistance needs.

The Foundation has set up medical units, specially equipped with diagnostic equipment, instruments and consumables in various specialties. It has relied on its partners - medical associations, the Health Department and local authorities - to set up a sustainable local medical campaign program.

Medical caravans also help raise awareness and prevent risks, as well as detect severe pathologies that require urgent treatment

Mohammed V Foundation, community medical campaigns

Partners' participation provides local relays, as well as medical human resources capable of meeting the major needs of populations. Physicians and paramedical staff participate on a voluntary basis. They volunteer their time and provide consultations and care to beneficiary populations.

Each year, the program involves several medical caravans, conducted directly by the Foundation or in support of other initiatives. They travel from one region to another and intervene over several days, wherever existing needs are not met. The caravans are mostly multidisciplinary, and offer general and specialized care (pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, urology, pulmonary phthisiology, dentistry, ophthalmology, disability equipment, etc.).

The caravans can also be planned as part of surgical procedures during cataract or general surgery drives. They primarily target vulnerable populations: women and children, the elderly and people with disabilities. These patients receive comprehensive diagnosis and direct first aid treatment, supplemented by free access to medication.

The Foundation's commitment

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