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11 September 2023

The deployment of local medical and social assistance sites

Séisme Al Haouz - La première phase des secours et des aides d’urgence Séisme Al Haouz - La première phase des secours et des aides d’urgence

The Foundation’s initial assistance to the survivors in the most affected areas in the three provinces of Al Haouz, Chichaoua and Taroudant marked the first phase of relief and emergency aid which was initiated in the first moments of the earthquake. Mobile interventions have been reinforced by fixed locations where the Foundation focuses mainly on medical care and psychosocial support for affected populations. With the assistance of local authorities and the logistical and technical resources of the FAR, two reception sites have been set up in Adassil - Chichaoua Province and Talat n Yaacoub in the Al Haouz Province located 15 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake. These reception sites are providing local residents of neighboring douars with healthcare and ensure the resumption of treatment for chronic illness, in addition to the care of emergencies and normal medical services. 

A medical caravan started activity in Adassil and on Thursday September 14 a field hospital dedicated to multidisciplinary care integrating a mobile care unit will be launched to serve the populations of Talat n Yaacoub. A large number of general practitioners and specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists and technical staff have volunteered to contribute to the solidarity effort for affected populations. 

At the same time, the mobile medical assistance and the mobile psychological and social support teams, accompanied by social workers, continue their work on the ground going directly to the families in the affected douars in the three main areas of intervention.