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16 September 2022

Closure of the 2022 Edition of Operation Marhaba

Closure of the 2022 Edition of Operation Marhaba Closure of the 2022 Edition of Operation Marhaba

The Marhaba 2022 operation ended on September 15, after 3.5 months of activity marked by the reception of more than 3 million of our compatriots residing abroad which unfolded in good conditions.

Positioned to be close to the people, fluid and safe, this 23rd edition, organized under the Effective Presidency of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, took place under good conditions thanks to the mobilization and synergy of reception and support measures put in place by the various parties involved in the operation.

After the forced interruption of summer visits over the past two years due to the pandemic, 2022 saw a large influx of Moroccans Residing Abroad. The Marhaba system welcomed 3,080,984 arrivals (+198% compared to 2021 and +4% compared to 2019), of which 52% transited by sea.

With respect to the humanitarian aspect, 189,540 members of the foreign resident community directly solicited local social and medical assistance services which were deployed onboard long-haul ships as well as the 24 Marhaba spaces made available by the Foundation in Morocco, France, Italy and Spain. Specifically, 41,420 people benefited from administrative and legal assistance, 18,010 from medical care, 15,937 from customs official intervention and 3,887 from assistance with transport.

The Foundation also took emergency action during a serious coach accident that occurred in July, near Granada, which resulted in 1 death, 3 serious injuries and 31 less serious injuries. On Royal Instructions, Mr El Azami, the Coordinator of the Foundation and Head of Mission at the Royal Cabinet, went with a delegation composed of the Consular Manager of Motril and a team of social workers to the bedside of the families. Close collaboration with the Regional Health Manager of Granada enabled the rapid transport of the wounded to three local hospitals and the transport of the other passengers to the port of Algeciras. Once the wounded arrived in Morocco, they were accompanied by the team’s doctors and social workers to their homes.